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Intumescent Paint 101

Just how does intumescent paint work? And what is intumescent paint, anyway? Here at Firefree Coatings, we make it a point to explain the products we sell.

What is intumescent paint?

The term intumescent references a substance that expands and swells when faced with heat. This causes the substance to decrease in density but increase of in volume. Intumescent products are usually meant as passive fire protection. To be considered intumescent, a product must pass a series of tests and certifications.

How does intumescent paint work?

When an intumescent product is subject to fire and major heat, it produces a char. Because a char is a poor heat conductor, heat transfers are reduced. There are two types of char that occur with intumescent products, and our products fall into the category of soft char. This means that our coatings form a protective layer of char when the chemicals in our paint interact with heat. The reduction of heat transfers reduces the dangers that a fire poses to those within the building.

Where can intumescent paint be used?

Now that you know a little more about what intumescent paint is, check out our projects page to see a portfolio of who we have worked with and which of our products they’ve used. In short, we have helped everyone from tech industry leaders like Google to governments around the world. We help bring their structures up to fire code and make sure they stay safe in case of emergency. From structural supports and assemblies to exterior walls, we’ve helped fire-proof whole structures from the inside out.